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Individual Creative Writing Consultation - $175

One 90-minute consultation designed to help you develop a plan to meet your writing goals. Based on our conversation, I will provide you with a Google document including personalized reading recommendations, writing prompts, insider knowledge about the professional literary world, recommended tools/software, and suggestions to improve your writing practice. During this meeting, we’ll discuss:

  • Your writing goals and WHY you want them

  • Your writing inspirations, including your research & study practice

  • Challenges you’re currently facing and how to address them

  • Creating a realistic, personalized plan to achieve your goals

  • PLUS, you can ask me anything writing related!

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Individual Creative Writing Mentorship* - $650

This mentorship is designed to help you identify your writing goals, create an actionable plan to reach them, and offer personalized support along the way. Whether you’re interested in improving your current writing or studying practice, receiving personalized feedback on a project, or working towards publication, I will provide you with holistic, practical support. This mentorship is a low-cost alternative to an MFA program and includes the following:

  • Monthly 90-minute meetings with Ariana to discuss your goals and progress toward them (6 meetings total)

  • Personalized reading recommendations focused on underrepresented writers

  • Compassionate feedback on works-in-progress including personalized writing prompts

  • Advice on navigating the publishing industry and applying for grants

Poetry Manuscript Consultation

$250 for chapbooks (60 pages or less)

$350 for full length collections (60-90 pages)

These consultations are designed to help you prepare a poetry manuscript for publication and/or develop a manuscript-in-progress toward the goal of publication. I specialize in prose poetry, spoken word poetry, and working with small independent publishers or self-publishing. Includes the following:

  • One 60-minute individual writing consultation

  • Editorial notes provided within one month of our initial conversation, including: a big picture level analysis of the manuscript and a detailed list of questions and writing prompts to delve deeper into the work

  • Additional exercises, reading recommendations, and a list of publishers aligned with your manuscript

  • One 90-minute meeting to discuss editorial notes and next steps

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Coming Soon

What my clients say...

"Ariana had so many nuggets of encouragement and support about trusting your instincts and intuition, about craft and reading critically and analytically."

-Rick D'Elia

"To be honest, I've paid more for a single session with a therapist, which required me to do a fraction of the personal excavation and offered much less guidance in the process..."

-Lydia Crooks

"What I got from Ariana in one casual conversation was the ability to be intimate with my artistry in a way that had been coaxed out of me by writing workshops."

-Kal Marquiz

"My favorite part was experiencing Ariana's gentle, thoughtful and generous way of noticing and tending to my ideas and work."

-Amanda Torres

"My favorite part was the process of working with Ariana... the regular prompts, the discussions, the examples, and the connections from some of the great poets to the work we were building together."

-Edwin Maldonado

"Worth every penny."

-Julian Randall

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