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Individual Creative Writing Consultations & Mentorships

Let me help you identify and reach your writing goals.

Individual Creative Writing Consultations and Mentorships are a 1:1 service that address challenges in your writing practice, support developing your unique voice, and provide clear next steps for you to continue your writing journey.

Consultations and Mentorships are a great next step for you if...

You are committed to developing your writing practice, but aren't sure where to start. You know you want to study your craft, but you aren't sure what people mean when they say that.

You find professional literary spaces intimidating and would like more information regarding how to navigate them. Everyone seems to know about grants and fellowships and retreats and contests, but you can't figure out how to apply for those things or how they might serve you.

You are process-oriented and want to create a sustainable writing practice that is compassionate, realistic, and flexible. You value your relationship with your writing and want to protect it from self-doubt, mean-spirited critique, and the pressures of the marketplace.

Your primary goal is not to become rich and famous, but to nurture the part of you that is excited about what language can do. You understand this means your writing process may be slow and do not rely on writing as a primary source of income.

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What you'll get in a consultation...

What you'll get in a mentorship...

all of the above PLUS:

How much does it cost?

Individual Creative Writing Consultation (1 virtual session)......................$175

Individual Creative Writing Mentorship (6 virtual sessions)......................$650


Client Reviews

"Ariana is, without a doubt, the mentor in my life who had the most impact on my writing style and practices. Ariana curates spaces where tenderness, care, creativity, honesty, practicality, ethics, and Black feminist politic align. I personally appreciate how Ariana has always respected my needs as a disabled student, and my trust in her was only solidified as I watched how wholeheartedly she immersed herself into concepts and practices of disability justice to become a better educator to those who experience ableism. Ariana is deeply experienced in their craft, precise in their language, and intentional in the spaces they create; I truly can't recommend her enough as a mentor, educator, poet, writer, and person."          --Jazz Bell

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