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Selected Publications

the women (in this house) & Why did I become a poet?TORCH Literary Arts, 2023

For everyone who tried on the slipper before CinderellaAcademy of American Poets, 2022

How to Grieve Your LoverScalawag Magazine, 2022

write about the kumbia kingsTeen Vogue, 2021

Letter to Yanga, from Six-Year-Old ArianaLiterary Hub, 2021

Dear White Girls in My Spanish ClassThe Acentos Review, 2019

CumbiaThe Acentos Review, 2019

InsteadThe Acentos Review, 2019

IntroductionsScalawag Magazine, 2018

In Defense of Santana's "Maria Maria"...Rattle, 2018

A Division of GodsWinter Tangerine, 2017

Abuela, de Carrizo Springs, As/Us, 2017

SupremacyMuzzle, 2017

At the End of the SwordNepantla: A Queer Poets of Color Anthology, 2016


Cover of We Are Owed. poetry book by Ariana Brown. Cover art is a black woman standing in a mint green doorway. She is staring at the viewer and wrapped in pastel flowers.

We Are Owed.


Cover of Sana Sana poetry book by Ariana Brown. Cover art is a painted image of Solange Knowles with her hair in a single braid, a cream colored tube top, and large white beaded earrings. A leafy background appears behind her.

Sana Sana


Cover of After Poems: a breakup zine by Ariana Brown. Ariana is staring at the viewer, wearing a blue short sleeve top. Behind her is a backdrop of gold streamers.

After Poems: a breakup zine


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